’Shake The Dust’ MOVE IT 2016 / Zayn Malik

Shake the Dust - dancers perform


Shake the Dust performance - photo taken from backstage

MPA Commission ’Shake The Dust’ for MOVE IT 2016 

This contemporary dance piece was inspired by the words of the Iranian poet Anis Mojgani and his award-winning poem called ’Shake The Dust’. Paul’s Fascinating exploration of artistry vs commercial dance meets theatre threaded together by Mojgani’s every word was showcased at this year’s MOVE IT exhibition. The UK’s biggest dance convention. This four minute ensemble piece was completed in three days and gifted to the students at Masters Performing Arts.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik International promo US & UK

Paul carefully crafted the first solo performance of Zayn Malik’s ‘Like I Would’ on US TV’s ’Tonight Show’ Starring Jimmy Fallon